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Following Josh

Following Josh

From Beijing's hutongs to the "always undefeated" city of Warsaw, follow Josh along with author Dave Norman as they explore the Far East and Eastern Europe by rail. Whether drinking with nomads in Mongolia, dining with locals in Seoul, or exploring Russian paintball combat with a "retired" Soviet arms dealer, Norman's blend of humor and history makes the adventure come alive.

"…she embodies my image of a Mongol grandma: skin like oiled leather, glistening brown eyes that search through heaven and time and space, her hair a rainbow of silver, one shade for each of her two or three hundred years moving around the steppe." —page 134

At its core, "Following Josh" is the story of two friends reuniting on an epic adventure across Eurasia. After teaching abroad, Josh is homeward bound while Dave takes the long way from their hometown to a new start in New York City—opposite trajectories, even while traveling together. Trapped together in stuffy Russian rail cars and cheap hostels, they realize just how far apart they've grown…and what it takes to start anew—in friendship as well as in life.

Genre: Creative Nonfiction - Travelogue / Adventure / Memoir
Pages: 310
Cover Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-0-9831858-1-9
Publisher: f/64 Publishing
Distributor: Ingram
Publication Date: October 1st, 2011

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